About us

Welcome to Mizu Sushi & Thai Restaurant. MIZU The meaning of water in Japanese. Water stands for "pureness" and "health" . This is in line with our requirements for food. Our ingredients are all the freshest and best. Our service purpose is to hope that you will have the feeling of family. Our dining environment is clean and comfortable. Our food is healthy and fresh. Our service is welcoming and pleasant. Elegant Japanese sushi bumps into passionate Thai cuisine. Our chefs and a friendly team, welcome all of you.

Thank you for choosing us.

Contact Us

Address: 5979 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL 34119
Tel: 239-297-8888
Fax: 239-316-7252

Business Hours

Monday - Saturday from 11:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday from 12:00noon - 9:30pm


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Gudrun Koch
Checking Account
Jim McKay
Made a reservation for 2/10 6 pm , looking forward to your food, your restaurant has a nice look to it, I stopped in last week for a look
Valerie Low
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